Nature Steals the Show!

The National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, in Dublin hosts an annual “Sculpture in the Garden” event and I like to visit each year. I missed the launch this year as we were away but I have found it more enjoyable to stroll the gardens at ease and view the sculptures at leisure. The launch is an evening event, a glass of wine sort of evening, sociable and enjoyable but handling a camera along with a glass of wine, while making chit-chat, is more than I can manage.

The Botanic Gardens provides a wonderful setting for any exhibition
Sculptors have much to compete with in the gardens!
“Harmonium”, a piece in cedar by Paul Flynn – my token photograph of the sculpture in the gardens.

To be honest, my appreciation of the sculpture displayed over past years has been lukewarm at best. I appraise on the basis of wondering which pieces I would feel comfortable with in my own garden and the list is usually a very short one. Perhaps, I am simply a philistine and lacking in taste but this is how I am and it is unlikely that I will change, though I haven’t set my mind against this.

This appeals to me far more than any of the sculptures on display
The gardens looked especially beautiful on this day

The sculptures this year appealed to me to much the same degree as they have in previous years but their attraction was far outshone by the day that was in it – blue skies, white clouds, sunshine, autumn colour and fallen leaves. Nature and the work of past and present gardeners stole the show and I was happy to have it so.



In the vegetable garden
A most perfectly functional sculpture!

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