A Change in the Light

Inevitably the day comes, that day of change, that day that announces the progress of the seasons, that summer is gone and autumn is with us.

Garden view (2)
Low afternoon light in an area of the garden we call “The Lane”

The first sign this morning was the heavy dew on the grass, a feature of our north-facing riverside garden and a nuisance at this time of the year when one wishes to continue cutting the grass as late into the year as possible so as not to be faced with difficult to cut high grass in spring. It is often early afternoon before the dew dries and by late afternoon the dew is falling again so one must work in this short window of opportunity as I did today.

Garden view (3)
Low light and long shadows

While this morning was lightly overcast the afternoon had that strong, low, almost piercing sunlight that comes with autumn days – or those clear frosty days of spring. It completely changes the feeling of the garden putting everything in a sharp light. Sharp sunshine is not the best for photography as it leads to excessive contrast between light and shade but it also shows the garden in a different light – literally.

Garden view (5)
Sun and shadow  add an interest to the garden

Grass cutting was interrupted for a while to allow me photograph the moment.

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