Yes, I Could Live There!

The Private Gardens of SMI Landscape Architecture – edited by Jorge Sanchez

It might not be immediately obvious what relevance or appeal a book on American gardens – almost all in Florida – would have for an Irish readership but the value of this book become obvious very quickly. Here we are presented with an insight into gardens in a completely different climate, in an area culturally different to ours and with a plant palate only vaguely familiar to us, yet it is informative, instructive, appealing and very enjoyable.

An example of a garden plan – there is one for each of the gardens in the book. 

When we read gardening books it is generally with an interest in plants but, when that is side-lined, it is the design of the garden which comes to the fore. All of these gardens could be described as architectural; they were planned and built to compliment the houses on the properties and to suit the needs of the owners, a case of form following function and, as a result of this approach, they are excellent examples of garden design. Plants are selected to compliment and furnish the design, a secondary though nonetheless a beautiful addition to the gardens.

Form and function and what the client wants! 

The gardens are simply outstanding, that category of garden you see in the very glossiest and highest-class of magazine and they are a joy to study and admire and even drool over a little – eye candy of the gardening kind! Text is kept to the essential: an introduction to each garden and then extensive captions to the excellent photographs illustrating each garden, perfectly judged. Very enjoyable!

[The Private Gardens of SMI Landscape Architecture – edited by Jorge Sanchez, Merrell, London and New York, 2018, Hardback, 208 pages, £45, ISBN: 978-1-8589-4672-6]

A selection of images from the various gardens to whet your appetite:

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