Playing Air-Guitar on the Lawnmower

It certainly felt as though I was cutting air as there has been no grass growth here for the last six weeks and there was a certain foolishness about being out on the lawnmower this afternoon. There were wisps here and there, a little like the top of my head really and reminded me of the quip my barber used make as he finished, “That’ll be €5 – 50cent for the hair-cut and €4.50 for finding it”.

The “lane” in our garden is one of the damper spots we have being at the lower end of the garden and quite shaded however this year it has dried out significantly this year with ferns completely collapsed and the off-colour grass showing the extent of the root system of an upright hornbeam.

What brought me out on the lawnmower was the amount of leaves lying on the grass for it is so very like autumn here as trees and shrubs are under stress and dropping leaves. We have watered those plants which were most under stress for we simply can’t water everything. Herbaceous plants have simply been allowed to die down and we hope they will come again next year. We have our own well and need to be conscious of conserving the water for fear the well runs dry later in the year and have been recycling our bath water for some time now.

We have two small areas to the front of the garden which we call the square and the round lawns – they are fed and cut with a cylinder mower to give that nicely striped look but they haven’t been cut in almost two months and are far from lush and green. 

It is distressing to see plants we have grown for several years being under pressure and we would feel saddened to lose them. We can only hope that rain returns soon! (It’s quite unusual for an Irishman to be wishing for rain – we usually have more that we would ever need!)

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6 thoughts on “Playing Air-Guitar on the Lawnmower

  1. At least we are all in the same boat … so many stressed plants. I have now convinced myself that any losses will be a design opportunity! My big worry is my cherished primulas … not convinced they will all recover as some of them require a lot of TLC!! I wish you luck with your wonderful garden …

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  2. We have the same problems. There is some rain forecast for tonight. I like the quip about the barber. My dad’s barber said exactly the same.

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  3. Crazy weather A lot of my well–established rhodos are distressed, at best no flowers next year. Herbaceous plants struggling and the garden is looking jaded for want of water. Grass is non-existent. Never thought I would so look forward to winter and lots of rain. Garden is in very dry autumn mode now

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    1. It really has been an exceptional season. I’ve never seen the likes – many plants in big trouble here also.


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