Domestic Overcrowing

Yesterday’s newspaper reported on a trend in Dublin, an area where it is very expensive to purchase one’s own house, of young people building log cabins and the likes in the gardens of their parents’ houses. For most young couples it is viewed as a stop-gap situation being cheaper than renting and allowing them some opportunity to save the deposit required to purchase their own home.

The residential property to which I refer – you may come back to this photograph to look more closely when you have read further. 

This morning I was viewing a residential property within our own garden and found an even worse situation for five “children” had completely taken over the main residence, leaving no room for the parents. The parents now lived in the garden, in the open air, though they were still expected to wait on the children, bringing them food and cleaning up after them without a moment’s rest all through the day.


There have been twitterings of the parents heading  off to Africa at the first possible opportunity but there will be no escape for them as the offspring, obviously very tied to the apron strings, have retorted that if the parents are going to Africa they want to go too.

Such bold and stubborn faces! 


Four heads and one tail…just waiting to be fed! 

2 thoughts on “Domestic Overcrowing

  1. Hi Gerry

    Have you ever consider asking Paddy Tobin to write for you….he is a prolific blogger and a good plantsperson – with an opinion….



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