Paddy Picasso!

Art is in my blood; it courses through my veins; it lights my life and enriches my gardening.

Yes, the time has arrived again to paint the timbers of the raised beds in the vegetable garden and I have chosen a subtle shade of Cuprilol Fencelife called “Tudor Black”. It does what it says on the tin – or is that another brand? – and the timber is now black.


Vegetable garden (19)
The vegetable patch with its timber edged raised beds 

The weather had worn off the previous coats to varying degrees depending on shelter and the beds had begun to look a little bedraggled. I think it has been two years since they were painted and this is a good idea – to leave things run down a little, you know, to attain that shabby chique effect so much in vogue. It gives the impression that these beds have been here through the generations when, in fact, their decrepit appearance is due entirely to my laziness.

Vegetable garden (3)

Vegetable garden (16)
The timber was looking somewhat shabby and in need of attention. 

However, a coat of paint redeems all and now I may bask in the glory of new paint, of clean lines, order and tidiness and of a job well done…artistically, of course!

Vegetable garden (12)

Vegetable garden (6)

Vegetable garden (1)
Looking better! 

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