Catching Up – At Long Last!

We have commented so many times this year that the season was running behind that it had almost become a constant refrain running through our lives. Time and again we have noted how late one plant or another was in coming into flower. Indeed, it has been a miserable winter which seemed to continue forever leaving us without our normal spring. However, and thank goodness that we can say it, it seems that, at long last, the flowers and the garden are performing as they seasonally should.

Can there be any more reliable or more scientific method to support this judgement than Facebook’s “Memories” which pop up each morning showing us photographs we had posted in past years. My Facebook photographs are most often of our garden and of flowers so that I have had a regular reminder that this year plants were coming into flower later than in previous years.

Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ 

However, in the last few days there has been an alignment of flowering times – the annual display of alliums is on a schedule matching previous years as is the flowering of that vibrant red species tulip, Tulipa sprengeri. The hostas are all out along with the aquilegias. The various polygonatums are in flower and the irises are beginning their show.

Tulipa sprengeri 

Now, that that gardening phenomenon has passed what will we talk about – the weeds, of course. Have you ever seen such a scourge of weeds as we are experiencing this year? At least we don’t photograph the weeds so they won’t appear on our Facebook memories!


A selection of other plants in flower today:

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