The Alpine Garden Society’ Show

We try most years to go to the Alpine Garden Society’s show in Cabinteely for several reasons. You are guaranteed to see well grown and interesting plants there; there will be good plants for sale – both at the members’ stand and from the professional nurseries which attend – and it is also a very relaxed occasion on which to meet and chat with friends, though there is a sadness that some who have been regular exhibitors and attendees over many years were absent on this occasion.

Gentiana acaulis
Gentians will unfailingly catch the eye as this beautifully grown G. acaulis demonstrates. 

A few more gentians on display at the show:

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There were some spectacularly well grown plants on display yesterday, some new and interesting and some regular and reliable performers which I have seen in previous years – especially good specimens will make an annual appearance here and at other AGS shows.

Trillium albidum
A fabulous plant of Trillium albidum

And, a few other special trilliums.

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The general gardener might well be a little puzzled by some of the plants exhibited at the show as a simple definition of alpine plants would be those which naturally grow above the tree line on mountains. However, the criteria for what may be exhibited at such shows has evolved over the years and many reasonably common garden plants will be on the tables and it is a pleasure to see them well grown and shown. If you haven’t visited the AGS show in Cabinteely I recommend it to you and, indeed, you might even join the society.

Some general views of the exhibition tables.

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