The Bountiful Bay of Beauty

Quite simply, a very pleasant and enjoyable afternoon…in a garden, what could be better!

Iain and Frances MacDonald are opening their garden – The Bay, Co. Wexford, for their Tulip Extravaganza this weekend and despite the rather dreadful weather this spring the timing and the display are quite perfect. The planting immediately inside the entrance is high impact, fabulously colourful and has that WOW impact but it was the planting to the other side of the house which really delighted me – a spread of a large-flowered pink tulip spread through the beds giving a unifying effect to this whole area. It did it for me!

The Bay (3)

The Bay (63)

The Bay (2)
The high impact planting on entering The Bay Garden
The Bay (56)
The planting to the side of the house which I thought was a delight.

Should you visit, it is worthwhile picking up a list of the tulips planted round the garden – it adds to the enjoyment. However, as I had my grandson in tow, I was happy to simply wander and enjoy them nameless and they were just as beautiful.

The woodland garden always draws me at The Bay, the display of primulas and orchids at the bottom of the garden, surrounding the garden house, is one of the most perfect garden pictures imaginable but at the moment magnolias are the feature in the woodland with two impressive specimens on ‘Star Wars’ especially stealing the show. However, for my grandson the blue metal gate leading from the Barn Garden to the Wood Garden was the winner. He spent a good fifteen minutes opening and closing it repeatedly. Yes, it is a garden which appeals to all in many different ways but for the moment the tulips are the stars of the show.

A brief selection of other images from the garden:


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6 thoughts on “The Bountiful Bay of Beauty

    1. That gate had him totally occupied for about 15 minutes – open, close, open, close, discuss how it stuck, lock it, open it etc etc. A good day!


    1. On reins as he like to pick flowers – Frances and Iain would not have been happy to see their tulips on the ground. All survived his visit.


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