Breaking the 6p.m. Barrier!

It is a milestone of the gardening year, a significant move from one gardening season to another, that first evening when you work in the garden past six o’ clock. There certainly is that stretch in the evening and it a pleasure to take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, this year’s weather means that the ground is still quite wet; we haven’t managed to run the lawnmower yet but we have made a good start to the gardening year with weeding, freshening up the soil, pruning the hydrangeas and general tidying up.

Despite the dreadful season the garden is awake and the flowers are putting on a very pleasant display which is an encouragement at the end of this unusually long winter and miserable spring.

We’ll take encouragement from the flowers, enjoy those we have now and look forward to better weather and a good summer ahead.

I hope you enjoy some photographs taken today in the garden.

The magnolias have come into flower:



Daffodils and fritillarias are doing well in the bulb lawn:



Trilliums are fully into flower. These were plants I had struggle with in the garden, finding that bought tubers almost always failed to thrive in the garden but those I received from the gardens of friends have done very well with some seeding about generously.



Finally, a selection of the bits and pieces which caught my eye as I wandered about with the camera today – I find taking photographs changes my interaction with the garden. I am no longer working in the garden but enjoying it, something I think gardeners don’t do often enough.


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