A Reality Check!

We have had a long winter, a long and miserable winter, and we have whinged and whined about the weather in that interminable manner which gardeners have perfected. There is almost a perverse joy in wallowing in the misery of bad weather and we might even be saddened to have it leave us. And, truth be told, I can wallow with the best but today something caught my eye in the garden and prompted a rethink.

Two blue eggshells caught my eye and surprised me. How could any bird have sat and hatched eggs when all around is, well, miserable! But, of course, birds don’t have the luxury of cancelling normal life if the weather doesn’t suit; they just get on with it!

Blue eggshells belonging, I think, to a Dunnock/Hedge Sparrow 

On the other hand, we stall, delay, postpone, defer, procrastinate because the weather doesn’t suit us! Gardeners we may be but at times we are not in touch with nature and it takes nature to wake us up and get us going. We have had our first full day in the garden. There is much which can’t be done – certainly the ground is too soft to run a lawnmower – but there is also much which can be done and much to be seen and enjoyed.

The Dunnock, Hedge Sparrow, has now hatched its eggs and has begun the task of raising its clutch. I think I may make a move in the garden tomorrow……weather permitting, of course!

Finally, a few pretty things in the garden at the moment!

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10 thoughts on “A Reality Check!

  1. If you are expecting me to go out tomorrow and lay two blue eggs you have another thought coming! I got an osmanthus delayii? In altamount.isn’t that what you won. Tomorrow the veg beds or some of them perhaps. No uibh

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    1. Get up off your a…. and get moving! LOL Yes, Osmanthus delavayi, that’s the one! We had a full day in the garden yesterday so we have made a start.


  2. Well you have identified an anonymous primula in my garden … Miss Indigo … no idea where it came from but it is looking good just now. A pair of robins spent a week labouring at building a nest here in an old log store, only to abandon it, leaving a huge pile of nesting material . I think we are all easing ourselves back out into our gardens great and small. There is some warmth in the air … we can look to the new season with hope.

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    1. P. ‘Miss Indigo’ does not do so very well here and hasn’t increased well over the last years. This is a pity as it is such a good blue.


  3. Always good to be remindedto get on with tasks in the garden. BTW, an egg that color here in the States is what we’d call robin’s egg blue, a very close match in shade (can’t tell about size).

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    1. Similarly here, the robin’s egg is the same colour; as is that of the blackbird but I think size leads me to the Dunnock. I wouldn’t swear to being correct but the message would be the same! Time to move our butts! LOL


  4. This is so true. I had a full day in the garden last Thursday. The only dry day that week. We have the Hillsborough Hort Show this coming weekend. So it is all go. I have plants to get ready for our own plant stall and two other plants sales coming up in April and May. Went to the alpine Show at Greenmount on Saturday. Some lovely plants on display. Good gardening. Hilary


    1. You’ve been busy, Hilary. We did a run to Kilmacurragh and Mount Usher on Thursday, a good day, and the weather seems to be improving – out in the garden all day today.


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