A Wonderful Daffodil

Really, I should give this post the title, “The Lazy Blogger’s Post” as I am going to post a link to somebody who has written a far better account of this wonderful daffodil than I ever could.

Narcissus 'Lady Annesley' (3)

This is Narcissus  ‘Lady Annesley’, an old Irish daffodil – late 1800s – which was thought to be lost but which was relocated, identified anew, in the last few years. I went today to the National Botanic Gardens, Kilmacurragh, to see it in flower and was delighted to see it growing so well. Hopefully, it will be distributed over the coming years so that more people can enjoy it and to ensure it is not lost to cultivation.

Read Terence Reeves-Smyth’s paper HERE! 

Many thanks to Terence for his research and for the wonderfully interesting story he has told.

Narcissus 'Lady Annesley' (9)

Narcissus 'Lady Annesley' (4)

4 thoughts on “A Wonderful Daffodil

  1. Excellent accurate photos Paddy and after reading that long and interesting account it was great to see it so clearlyou. Its a dead honest daffodil!none of yer pinky tones!


    1. Great story with it too. I also saw the illustration in the exhibition on William Baylor Hartland in Bishopstown Library last week.


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